• 11/4/2024


    Tiles are being laid in the staircases, and the installation of internal window sills in the apartments is in progress. Almost all balcony railings have been installed. The installation of the entrance doors to the premises has begun. Work on the rainwater installation in Marynin Street is in progress.

    • 10/2/2024


      Building A
      Scaffoldings are being removed from the facades, the floors on the balconies have been finished, acoustic insulation is being installed on the common areas and the walls and ceilings are being finished. Underfloor installations have been made in 40 premises, work will soon begin in the boiler room and drying of garages in order to finish the floors will begin.
      Building B
      Only the finishing layer remains to be completed on the façade - all premises have underfloor installations and floors. The gas boiler room has been constructed and launched. The building is being dried out. The gas and electricity connections have been made, a transformer station has also been built on the investment site, and final works on the network in ul. Marinin At the beginning of March, work will begin on removing smoke from the garage and installing elevators, followed by laying tiles in the common areas.

    • 30/11/2023


      Building A
      The façade is 70% complete, internal plastering is 30% complete, the electrical wiring in the apartments has been completed, and the common areas are already halfway done. The infiltration boxes responsible for the rainwater installation are already completed. PVC windows were installed just like aluminum windows in staircases.

      Building B
      The façade is 65% complete, the internal plasters are 80% finished, the electrical installation in the apartments has been completed, and in the common areas it is approximately 70%. The installation of PVC windows in the building and aluminum windows in the staircases has been completed. The installation of the transformer station and gas connection has started. The nearest one will have a sewage and water connection. The necessary equipment for the boiler room and radiators have been ordered.